Walked on Fire at Tony Robbins event

2014 family blessed with US Citizenship

Award Dinner with Bill Bates, Miami FL

Happily married for 20 years

Google Photographer

CNN interview for the launch of Windows OS

With Bill Gates, San Francisco CA

Favorite location "behind the camera lens"

Exploring 360

Edwin Marchan is a photographer, sales, marketing & advertising expert with a Florida Real Estate Broker License. Edwin has +20 years of combined Management experience at Microsoft, McCann-Erickson and multiple Ad Agencies, served as Rector at Universidad Santo Tomas, Ecuador, Professor of Marketing, Advertising and Audiovisual Production at UDLA & UST, Studied Advertising and Majored in Audiovisual Production at Universidad Diego Portales, Chile.

Services offered: Marketing Consulting: combining traditional marketing techniques with the latest in social & digital media to drive lead & demand generation that ultimately derive in sales. It's about connecting the dots, weaving the digital web, bridging buyers with sellers, building memorable brand images and increasing overall business opportunities. Leveraging digital assets to effectively position a brand and reach a solid client base. This means gaining customer loyalty and opening the gates for new product/service offerings. Increasing awareness about your brand so more potential customers can find it.

Achieved by generating traffic to a business that translates into leads that can convert into actual sales. Optimizing media outlets in a creative fashion, by thinking creatively, innovating and executing with excellence.

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