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Florida Real Estate Forecasts for 2023

Is the Real estate market crashing?

Florida’s rampant population growth created a housing crisis, priced to remain strong

F1 Miami at a Glance

How to become a Billionaire with Real Estate?

Is it a good time to buy or sell real estate?

Is the Real Estate Market Going to Crash?

Buyers Are Bringing Supersized Down Payments

Nationwide, down payments on a home amount to about 62% of a given area’s median yearly household income, according to LendingTree. In addition, to beat the competition, Buyers need to "put more skin in the game" and sweeten the deal. View the chart below for a breakdown of the average down payments on homes across the 50 largest metros.

Rates up, prices down?

Now that the Fed is increasing interest rates the big question is will home prices cool down? #realestate #housingmarket #homes #florida #housing

Buy or Rent?

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