Why use Drones in Real Estate? The potential to film from a unique perspective, such as that of a Drone not only enhances the home buying experience, provides more data on structural integrity of a real property but also strengthens the prestige of promotional campaigns.

Real Estate is one of a growing number of sectors which will benefit from the use of aerial photography and the applications for drones are manifold, from showcasing the property with a compilation of photographs and video to carrying out crucial homebuyers’ inspections.

According to the NAR’s ‘2016 Member Profile’ survey, although a large number of realtors (56%) stated that they still don’t use drones, 18% plan to implement them in the future. Additionally, 12% fed back that they know someone in their office who uses drones, while 11% would definitely hire a professional for their drone use. In a nutshell, agents embracing Drone Photography are bound to drive more attention. Like in any highly competitive business "Whoever embraces innovation first will obtain a strategic advantage and eventually come out on top"

Aerial images offer home buyers a much more comprehensive overview of their prospective new property allowing them to make a more informed decision.

Whether it’s aimed at a residential or commercial buyer, the addition of drone services offers agencies the chance to make the proposition more attractive whether it’s through aesthetics or hard data.

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