Digital Marketing in the Corporate World

Corporations are starting to recognize the power of social media not only as a means of communications with customers but also as a powerful feedback tool. Those who understand that this is not a trend but only the beginning are ahead of the game and will benefit from an early start. Cititrust International is a very good example

With a growing presence in the digital space via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, among others, plus delivering value to it's clients via eBooks and a consistent blogging efforts, Cititrust outmaneuvers the competition.

The learning is having a coherent strategy with clear a process and protocol on how to address customers concerns. Clients tend to base purchasing decisions upon the latest interaction they had with a brand. This is why it's so important to make every communication count in favor of the clients' best interest. Repeated purchases happen when customers are satisfied. Probably Amazon is a good example where you have tools to make your transaction in absolute transparency. Pricing is clear, product alternatives, a community that comments & rates, a nutshell you feel empowered to make the right decision. To add the "Price Check" app for Iphone lets you scan bar codes and connect to the Amazon site to compare prices.

A brand, as well as a products or service require planning that ensures strategic integrity, this is why Marchandising provides a free assessment before anything. This gives you a very objective analysis of the brands current status and how to benefits from the core strengths.

Edwin Marchan