What's the Best Social Media to build Personal Branding Equity?

Post date: Nov 12, 2010 3:02:35 PM

Last week I gave a Personal Branding Equity Seminar at DBM in Boca Raton, FL, courtesy of "the one and only" Beth Levine. The turnout was great and we had a very interactive group, eager to provide feedback and ask questions. To my surprise the number one question pronounced was around: when it comes to building personal brand equity, which is the ideal social media? how should I project my image? should I Facebook or LinkedIn? Tweet or Blog? have one or two profiles?

Truth is, if anyone holds it...it really depends on your "PB Strategy". Same that has a foundation which is what at Marchan-dising we call the "PB Assessment". Which is, prior to even going about the selection of media or even a strategy parse. First & foremost, regardless of the stage in your career, there our some questions you need to ask yourself: what would you like to do for a living? what part of your career do you most enjoy? what part of your career do you most value? what are your personal & unique marketable skills? what differentiates you from the competition? what makes you a "subject matter expert" in your particular field? A standard process to which we provide a substantial framework, but the truthful answers to these interrogatives rely in a sincere introspective voyage which only you can illuminate.

That said, once you have clarified the first of the "Seven Steps Towards Differentiating and Uniquely Positioning Yourself in Today’s Competitive & Connected World" then you are ready to design and structure your "PB Strategy & Campaign". The media you select is more an instrument than anything else. For example, professionals in the "Multilevel Marketing Industry" use Facebook as the spearhead to adding layers to the pyramid. Professionals seeking new career opportunities are recommended the use Blogger & Twitter as "means" to position their PB's and thus build "PB Equity". The key is defining what you are going to "marchandise" then you define the "how to's" and last but not least which is key to the strategy the "vehicle or media" you are going to select to "marchandise" your PB and thus build equity.

Lastly, avoid the pitfalls of selecting the wrong Social Media to build your PBE: Twitter to announce where you are lunching? common, unless you are Paris Hilton, nobody really gives a dam where you eat, for that there's always Foursquare or FB Check-In, some people believe that because they don't have a PBE Strategy, it really doesn't matter, unfortunately in today's connected world, even been "tagged" with a drink in your hand can induce you to "loose equity". We all have an image and a reputation, which in ultimate instance we should use to clearly articulate who we really are and make us shine. Today we have "free" tools to empower our careers and share knowledge, after all, as McLuhan very well puts is: The Medium is the Massage


Don't be shy: Marchandise yourself!

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