Begun the Touch Wars Have!

Post date: Sep 7, 2010 11:04:59 PM

Add a mix of Mobile computing devices, 3G, WiFi, Touch Screen technology & of course some Apps, invite the world of telecom players into the equation and what do you have? The ultimate clash of the Tech-Titans, it's here and it's all around "Touch". A new set of standards are bringing in a new wave of revenue for hardware manufacturers & software developers.

In the last couple of years the Smart Phone category exploded, lead by the BlackBerry

& RIM's amazing network, then came the Iphone to revolutionize the interface, the Apps were embedded into the palm of your hand. Simultaneously the "low cost" PCs also known as "Netbooks" with Intel Atom

processors inside, made there breakthrough, such was the success that Acer managed to "outmaneuver" the traditional leaders in this market and take a solid third place in worldwide market share.

**Source for Further insight

So how is the competitive front looking like: incoming from Toshiba, the Libretto - really cool dual screen, quite an innovation and runs on Windows 7. Then there's the Samsung Android powered touch and of course the Google Chromium development on an Open Source community model which is really gathering momentum and should use the Android

as a good foundation to break into the market with a appx. 10% of the WW share. They have already achieved a significant market share, still Nokia

leads the pack with an appx. 29-30% market share, lets see how Steven Elop's captaining of this boat goes, remember Nokia was traditionally running it's phone's with Linux embedded, I even recall Linus Torvald

was a member of the board...maybe this carves a new path for the Windows Phone

? - Still to be reckoned Symbian is the WW undisputed OS leader in the mobile space.

We'll see how the market is carved in this new product category, for now the Ipad continues to be the undiscussed leader and you know what they say back home: "El que pega primero, pega mas fuerte" or "the one who strikes first, strikes the hardest". One of the cool features I have discovered is projecting onto a flat screen TV, for this you need the IPad VGA connector. It works fine when you are sharing YouTube videos and should also be able to project with Apple Keynote available on the App Store for $9.99. Watch this very short video on the "how to" plus I've added the cables you need: VGA regular cable

and a audio cable so you get sound from the screen itself. Apologies for the resolution, the video was shot with the my Iphone 4 and later compressed...but again not bad for a phone;)

So, will Google via YouTube HD start a war on yet another front? you betcha! Back in 2006, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billions to solidify it's core business, which is not hardware nor software, they are a "Media & Advertising" business. The more hours you live on the G. cloud, the more exposure you have to their didn't think it was really free or did you?

Bottom-line it's competition that will give users more options, better prices and more computing power, best of all it's "innovation" but why will "Touch" prevail over any other form of interaction with computers? it's totally interactive & intuitive, it's natural, this permitting more people at both ends of the age ladder to adopt computing, after all, Moore is more!

Surf, surf, surf!