A Brand Called: #Inbound12

Post date: Sep 7, 2012 9:21:49 PM

Well it was quite a road trip from Weston all the way up to Boston but the journey paid off with an amazing event hosted by HubSpot.

Three days of great content plus the 2012 Inbound Certification Program which empower us at Marchandising to continue delivering the best posible value to our clients.

A great set of speakers with a social finding on the power of introverts by Susan Cain, HubSpot 3.0 which seems "awesome" and a standing ovation for Gary Vaynerchuk to whom I will dedicate a whole story.

Despite my notes the real takeaways I managed to capture, regardless of the author are really a few:

  1. Content is king: it must be rich, it must add value and believe it or not it must be detailed..detailed ? yes you heard me: it's true that we are living beyond the age of information into the age of "information overload" but when you are interested in a specific product or service you will research and then it's when you not only will be found but your brand will be preferred when you manage to clearly articulate value.
  2. Realtime Time: instant engagement on "live" the big thing happening right now!
  3. Segmentation, segmentation, segmentation: never did we have the ability of garnering so much data about our targeted markets as we do know. Do your business intelligence "homework" and you are bound to create a context and send the right message to the right target on the appropriate media.
  4. Beyond brand equity, the Web 3.0 is giving loyalists to actually "defend" the brand (Apple Fans ring any bells?)
  5. Marketers Ruin Everything: yes got give to @garyv - as soon as we find a trend we blow it out of proportion and make it obsolete...direct email ring any bells?
  6. Attitude: despite all the paradigm shift we are living in with the web 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 + social media or however you want to call it, it's the people behind the tools that still make the difference, a great attitude from a brand is still the hallmark for a client to identify with a brand. Humans are still the most amazing asset in the universe and the majority if us are great.

Already getting ready for HubSpot 3.0 and #inbound13