Passion = Success - Personal Branding tip: build your own profile and post it on line!

Passion = Success (Do you love what you do?)

Just came out of the Personal Branding Seminar @ DBM South Florida and had this thought we shared with the attendees: "Passion = Success" - it's a highly demanding and competitive job market out there, it's not about "potential" anymore, this economy is looking for "experts". That said, the real McCoy is all about finding what you're passionate about, defining your goal, strategy and building "personal brand equity" on top of this solid foundation.

The key to professional self-fulfillment is identifying your core strengths & attributes. Then, positioning yourself as a "subject matter expert" in that areas where you are strong vs. adapting your profile to a job description. Been an expert in an area where you have no passion is probably not the best way to go. Bare with me on this in order to illustrate my point. I have passion for making others great, helping people shine via "the truth well told"McCann's slogan (handled Coca-Cola). I'm also a "geek@heart" (ten years @Microsoft marketing big brands like Windows 7 and Windows Vista) and I'm also a photographer.

You could say that I have true passion for image & branding + all things digital, by definition, Marchandising is all about "Building Brand Equity with the power of social media". I use all my skills to help individuals and business reach targeted markets embracing the new media. Everything I learned in the past is a plus to everything I do for my clients. This is what I love, what I stand for and the heart of my personal brand. My digital footprint equates to brand equity, same that derives from doing what I love.

The question is: do you love what you do? be the answer: Yes or No? The best strategy is to be "yourself" and act now! Start "Marchan-dising" yourself and develop your brand equity.

Life's to short to be inside a cubicle, bring down the walls and reach for the stars!

Edwin Marchan