Brand Who?

Post date: Feb 27, 2013 4:25:30 AM

Marketing Software

Ever had a person “Wow!” about your product and then say something like: “I love it! How come I never heard about your brand?” or “If I knew where to find your brand, I’d be the first one to buy it!

So, how easy is it for potential clients to find your brand on the web? Probably not an easy task…actually, ensuring a brand “get’s found” has become the primary challenge of the digital era. The Art & Science of Marketing teaches us that the muses that inspire “creativity” and information with a value added edge are the sole proprietors towards drawing attention to a brand. In other words: the ability to emerge with “quality content” is still the most important factor to gaining new clients and keeping the old.

Velocity to drive sales relies in converting visits into leads. So how do your increase traffic to your webpage again?

10 B’s

1. Be inspired: love what you do, do what you love.

2. Be creative: be brave to try new things, “Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert Einstein)

3. Be true to your brand, be transparent: the best agenda is a “see through” one.

4. Be awesome and create content people will love, “Think Different” (Apple)

5. Build, grow online communities, become a Subject Matter Expert and then influence.

6. Be fast: respond to your connections or beware, your enemies’ will…

7. Be always transmitting on media channels and beyond social media, keep your heads up for the new ones to come.

8. Balance SEO with PPC: Google’s billion dollar revenue stream depends on advertising, hence the search algorithm is subject to modifications that even the most savvy SEO expert can’t tackle.

9. Be consistent: brand positioning & search rank are directly tied to how long you’ve been in the market, people’s top of mind and web presence, your digital footprint must continue, step by step, never stop…hence perform steps 1-8 again and again ;-)

10. Be humble: keep your soul open the innovation yet to come; with software/hardware/media/communication and technology in general everyday “it’s only just the beginning” (Bill Gates)

Once, traffic increases we can start converting visits into leads, truth is, even if you attract more visitors to your webpage, it doesn’t guarantee you any incremental revenue whatsoever…but that’s a chapter for the next blog on “Marketing Software”, till then, love it or leave it;-)

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