Post date: Sep 20, 2010 8:39:04 PM

Price to price comparison one would think they are the same, but who shall prevail? Or is there space for more? MS to launch Windows 7 Phone soon....so who will Win? the iPhone? Android? Blackberry?

You be the judge..my take is that eventually they will be compelled to enter a price war, great for us the consumers, this will mean, more for less, as the innovation cycle accelerates, therefore the overall size of the smart phone market should grow. But, in addition to the "gadget" itself the other battle going on is the "platform" or operating system running behind: RIM still ahead on Blackberry followed by Apple. (chart below)

Then there's the Apps the real "cash cows" if you look at the potential profit margins and of course, once you are on Windows 7 will you fall for Windows Phone? or while you touch your Iphone will you want to explore the IPad...you see it's all kind of connected, we become loyal to the brands that grant us great experiences and the manufacturers also define statndards that get you "hooked" on.

For example, I was looking for a way to get my excel, word and ppt on my Ipad...and while ,looking at whoch app I could use...seems none...I stumbled upon the "Citrix for Ipad App" (I'll work on a video to show you how it works), but what I'm seeing is awesome, not only does the Ipad run Office docs but it works on the Iphone as well.

Seems like "virtualization" will be the milestone for interoperability...at last,

"We" the consumers shall prevail!!!

Edwin Marchan

lackberry e Android