A Brand called "Roger Waters"

Post date: Nov 16, 2010 9:13:42 PM


: Born September 6, 1943 this rock musician, singer-songwriter, composer and activist became Pink Floyd's vocalist back in 1968. Well known for the band

, what really launched his persona into the next decades were the legendary movie "The Wall" & later on the 1990 concert held on the Gates of Brandenburg which is calculated as the largest rock concert in history, after selling 250K tickets, the gates (or walls;) were taken down to let an additional 100,000 people march in.

As a family guy living in suburbia, I don't get out that much to anything but Disney so attending an "adult event" courtesy of my sister, last Sunday I had the opportunity to experience "The Wall

" Concert and the Bank Atlantic Arena in Fort Lauderdale. You could see various generations that have navigated threw the numb comfort of the various albums. The show, well, what can I say it was a trip in time, I was a teenage back then, enamored by the lyrics "we don't need no education....dan-daran..." to which anyone who's suffered British school systems can adhere too...back then you'd get "the cane" for any wrongdoings, no question asked. A display of music & visual effects, a WWII spitfire that actually explodes on stage...a Wall that grows song after song to tummble down.


Interesting enough this rocker has managed to "marchandise" his name towards a message of peace vs war, conventionalism vs freedom of thought/speech, the Orwellian concept of "big brother" (for Pink: "big mother") - or the establishment always looking at the citizen vs the free thinker, among other revolting concepts back in the day. A great example on "marchandising" your name, goto: http://www.roger-waters.com/ where you can view the anti-war struggle this artisit has committed to, as well as tour dates, tickets & other merchandise. Bottom-line, his apparatus shows us how you can use your name for a greater cause and reap some goods on the side. Sadly, looking back the world hasn't changed that much since WWII or the Cold War...war is still war: big business, capitalism rules, big brother is still there, thought control..well that has changed...never did we have access to so many tools to communicate freely via the internet and it's just the beginning.

Thanks Roger for "educating" us all;)