A Brand Called Stolichnaya @Stoli

Post date: Sep 23, 2012 11:29:47 PM


Great advertising has always relied on the ability to "astonish" a viewer, be memorable, catch your attention, creativity, imagination and embracing new trends. Last week on my way back from Inbound12 I met with my wife in NYC and cruised down the streets of the big apple. To my amazement right on Times Square, the American epitome to billboards we were mesmerized by a Stolichnaya large format piece.

Anyone used the Yellow Pages lately? Certainly if not totally dead, some forms seem to be evolving. Let's set a couple of examples like: direct mail which most of us don't bother to open or TV ads directed at viewers who'd rather be zapping...kinda makes u wonder...is ADVERTISING dead?

Inbound Marketing

"Truth well told" may still be the foundation of advertising, but with today's gadgetry, hyper connectivity and über networking there is so much more that can be achieved. In this case advertising manages to make people interact on site and then share the experience via social media #ORGNLTV with there peers. It's memorable, astonishing and even fun.

The brand itself rings a bell in my head, it was my late father that would directly import cases of this supreme Vodka under a space opened only to diplomatic envoys. Yes, it was the vodka from the USSR that carried a particular stigma, I kinda imagined that the KGB agents or the operators of nuclear missiles in Siberia would take shots of this elixir back in their secret hideouts.

Now the brand has seen new light under capitalism and an ever more competitive Vodka market, along came Absolut with it's memorable print ads, but there was a day that Stolychnaya was "the Vodka" and if advertising is not dead, then we shall certainly see the comeback of good old "Stoli"

Nor advertising nor Stolychnaya are dead, on the contrary, they both seem to be evolving into a new form. What I can conclude is that the greater the interaction the merrier the ad!

"Budem zdorovy" meaning "Let's stay healthy"