A Brand Called "Social Libre.com"

Post date: Jun 23, 2011 1:05:50 PM

Coupons have been around for a longtime and now we are seeing them evolve from paper into digital. Start-ups like Groupon have popped up from nowhere to become the next big IPO. Some call it the social media bubble, I just view as opportunity to get more for less. The recent player on the field is Social Libre.com which caters to the Hispanic/Latin American community. The brand is new and we'll watch it closely, but the deals are just amazing! I applaud the spirit of entrepreneurship with which this small company is rolling. But with all honestly what mostly caught my attention is the upcoming deal, specially for someone who loves to vacation, relax, eat out and just enjoy life.

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Imagine a $699 Three night cruise to the Bahamas for two at 71% discount = $500...can't beat that can you?