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Post date: Mar 3, 2011 5:50:35 PM


Clearly Mr. Godin is making the publishing world rumble with his rebellious outlook ion what good for the readers vs. what good for the publishing Corps. - this is the Domino Project

, with the sole objective of making books or information more available to readers vs. scarcity and high prices - kind of utopian but doesn't it make sense to make knowledge more accessible to everyone? I mean greater offer would reduce prices. In his latest book the central theme in "The Death of the Industrial Age" is what "Poke the Box"

is all about, leadership, failure and even a very interesting concept:

Start and fail: "There's a tyranny that's quite prevalent in our society, which is the tyranny of being picked, of waiting to be selected by the boss, by the HR person, by Oprah or by someone who will anoint you as the winner. The Internet is opening the door and allowing people to pick themselves," said Godin about why he chose to publish one of his own books first and why anybody should think differently about the work that they do. "That's what I am doing. I picked myself, and I think that's what people ought to do. People have asked me how they can submit their book ideas for me to publish, and my answer is, 'don't.' Just publish it yourself. Give it away, watch it spread and build a platform. The cost of failing has gone way down. It is far cheaper to fail now than ever before. If you failed when you were designing the plant for General Motors' Saturn car, the cost was a billion dollars. If you failed with a Super Bowl ad 10 years ago, the cost was $2 million. If you fail with a blog post, it costs nothing, and yet bosses say, 'yes, go innovate . but don't fail.' You can't have success without failure. So, what I'm really trying to sell people on is that it's now okay to fail. Here's what I know: I have failed more often than anyone reading this, and if you fail more than me, you'll be doing just fine."

End of day, it's OK to fail as long as you get up and endure one more day;)

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