Brand Called #Miami

posted Apr 7, 2015, 2:23 PM by Edwin Marchan   [ updated Apr 7, 2015, 2:32 PM ]

 Brand Called #Miami

Edwin Marchan

Blue skies, ocean blue, it's always sizzling hot but yet so cool, unique but yet so diverse, hip at the Design District and so down to earth at Calle Ocho: it's Miami. Portrayed in so many movies and TV shows: Miami Vice, Scarface, CSI Miami, Burn Notice, Fast & Furious, Caddy Shack, Ace Ventura, Marley & Me, Birdcage, There's Something About Mary, On Any Given Sunday and I'm sure your thinking of some others....The Tropical City seems to endure time and fashion trends but it's always there setting the pace.

Edwin Marchan Edwin Marchan Edwin Marchan Edwin Marchan 

Since early 1900's at the time of railroad mogul Henry Flagler, Tuttle and Brickell & wife Mary envisioned a sea side city when it was just a swampy group of manglers. Just take a drive down Brickell Avenue today and it will be hard to find any remnants of the past.

Known to many in the business and financial world as "The Hub of the Americas", the launchpad to the US for Latina American companies is at the beginning of yet another reinvention process funneled by a multi-billion dollar real estate investment designed to boost it's port, commercial and residential real estate process. It's diversity invites people from all around the world and it's mutliple condo towers are just kicking off. But when you talk real estate people always remember "the bubble...." and the first question that comes to mind is if there' another one coming? The answer is certainly "yes". Economic recession as well as economic bonanzas are cyclical, the right question is when will we have another real estate bubble burst? Nobody really knows but if Americans have one common trait we learn from our mistakes. Current developers are doing things slightly different this turn: 10% to reserve a unit, larger down payments; 50%, non assignable contracts: "you sign, you buy" and given most deals are cash in hand the first lots will be safe, sound and secure. As things go on, it's likely the financing options will appear and thing might get a little bit more "financially liberal" but for now the market is offering a whole set of options from One bedrooms starting at $300K all the way into multi-million dollar PH with an elevator for your Porsche.... 

Brickell City Center

Edwin Marchan

Miami Real Estate

One of my favorite projects is Brickell City Center, in the heart of Brickell, which will have public transportation passing through the foundation which is a classy mall and rising into the sky in all it's 43 floors. I can foresee a vibrant Miami Coastline, with all the amenities for you to never wan to leave and stay in the warm sunshine of a real metropolis. Welcome to Miami, where the the future is sizzling!