The City of Weston

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Edwin Marchan
A City fit for families, requires the best education system: Map of Weston's Rated Public School System - Cypress Bay High School Ranks #243 Nationwide

Weston's A+ Public Schools System

Learn about the efforts to preserve our amazing Ecosystem,
specifically the C-11 Impoundment Project that will limit further 
development of portions of Weston

Everglades Restoration Project

Research current home listings in Weston

prime community with great infrastructure and amenities, 
a safe haven for families with the A+ public education. 
Living close to thriving Miami and Fort Lauderdale 
while enjoying a community lifestyle.

The City of Weston

Weston Library Park

King James Coral Gables Home $old!

Miami's New Budget

Miami's New Budget

2015 Profile of International Home Buying Activity

What can $25,000,000 Get You in Miami?

$25,000,000 Home

The soaring development of the nations' most thriving city.

Miami Worldcenter

If you missed the last Real Estate run, your in luck, Miami and all of South Florida are sizzling again, it's still a great opportunity to invest and increase your net worth. Billions of dollars are been poured in to kick off the development of the next major Metropoli.

Why do people Love Miami?

Florida is USA's 3rd most populated stated, surpassing New York in 2014. The climate, the location and all great things to come. We have a portfolio of development projects with condos starting at $350K all the way up to $34.0M

Miami World Center

Miami's 2035 Master Plan - Looking towards the future, the City of Miami shall prevail year over year and continue growing into the future

Miami into the Future

4000 photos [@ 3 photos per second] shot from 'a hole in the ground' in thru topping off in 2009 and majestic opening week in early 2011 to some current unique concerts in 2012.

New World Symphony

Miami's 10 Billion Dollar Mile

Miami's Road to 2020

Miami's 10 Billion Dollar Mile (Portuguese)

Miami's 10 Billion Dollar Mile (Portuguese)

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